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designed by public affairs professionals

Whether you are monitoring an EU legislative proposal, researching your areas of interests or planning a campaign, SAVOIRR has you and your team covered. Our tool offers a comprehensive competition tracking feature which allows you to quickly update your stakeholder mapping and access all connected information in one place.


Search through millions of consultations, procedures and documents in one place.
  • Search through millions of EU legislative documents and procedures
  • Map out your own legislative landscape
  • Compare different perspectives
Search through millions of consultations, procedures and documents in one place.
Analyse and track policy making


Analyse the latest developments in the EU policy making and automate updates on relevant topics.
  • Add your own position, upload your documents and comments
  • Track both decision makers and competition
  • Let our AI-driven algorithm connect the dots for you to refine your advocacy strategy
  • Sharpen your understanding of key legislative dossiers
  • Prioritise and manage consultations, procedures and documents


Monitor the EU law making process from the start.
  • Track current and forthcoming EU legislative files
  • Stay informed with email and in-app notifications
  • Turn on Pre-legislative Early Detection
  • 360 degrees legislative tracking that includes news, events, people and bodies
Stay informed thanks to automated alerts and updates
Improve your collaboration with our useful features


Collaborate with teams thanks to tags, custom fields and many other useful features.
  • Organise your public affairs work in one place
  • Share your findings with team members or clients where needed
  • Manage the access to information and store your files in secure folders away from prying eyes
  • Build up and manage internal regulatory knowledge


Engage with you stakeholder and share you insights easily.
  • Track your interactions with key EU-level decision makers and stakeholders
  • Plan, organise and document your interactions in one place
Plan, organise and engage all in one place
Personalise your reporting


Create customised reports for your stakeholders.
  • Combine the tracked data with your analyses in a single report and adjust the design to match your needs.
  • Export in Word, PDF or Excel, depending on how you like to share the information with your stakeholders.
  • Whether you are working alone, or in a team, create reports focusing on your area of interest.

"We at SAVOIRR believe that our future lies in greater democratic participation through enhanced regulatory conversations and exchanges. It is the only effective answer to all the challenges our societies and our planet are facing right now.”

Clemens Schuster


We are Europe’s most powerful AI-driven EU regulatory monitoring platform because we believe in developing our product with feedback from our customers. Only you know what works best for your regulatory environment, and we work together towards making it work for you.


SAVOIRR was built from scratch by our engineers to ensure 100% security of your data. Because we understand the sensitivity of your data and that of your clients and members.Your work and your user data should never fall into the wrong hands. All data generated by our users are encrypted by default. We offer you two-factor authentication (2FA) so your account cannot be hijacked. Furthermore, only our whitelisted developers have access to our platform structure and they are all forced to employ 2FA for their work.
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